Fist to Five

  • Fist - A "no" vote, a way to block consensus. "I need to talk more on the proposal and require changes for it to pass."
  • 1 Finger - "I need to discuss certain issues and have some suggestions."
  • 2 Fingers - "I am more comfortable with the proposal but would like to discuss some minor issues."
  • 3 Fingers - "I’m not in total agreement, but feel comfortable to let this decision or proposal pass without further discussion."
  • 4 Fingers - "I think it’s a good idea/decision and will work for it."
  • 5 Fingers - "It’s a great idea and I will be one of the leaders implementing it."
  • If anyone holds up fewer than three fingers, they should be given the opportunity to share their concerns with the team.
  • Teams continue the Fist-to-Five process until they achieve consensus (a minimum of three fingers or higher) or determine they must move on to the next issue.
  • There must be a reasonable level of trust and cooperation amongst the group
  • Ensure that everyone understands the voting system.

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